Stereo pair your Jongos for the best sound


Playing your audio content through Jongo just get's better with our stereo pairing feature- allowing you to play your sound through two speakers in a room.

Cut outs

Jongo T2, T4 and T6 speakers come with this feature already loaded and Jongo S3 can be upgraded with a free software update. Setting up stereo pairing couldn’t be easier; simply use the Pure Connect app on your Smartphone or tablet to ‘pair’ two S3, T2, T4 or T6 speakers. Multiple speaker pairs can be set up within one household, just right for bigger rooms. So for the best balanced sound, pair your speakers and get seamlessly synchronised sound- for a top multiroom experience! You can also buy different coloured grilles for your jongo, so whatever room you pair in, they'll suit the interior perfectly.

Click here to check out our stereo pairing video, or visit for more information on all of our products.