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After several years of testing in the cities of Lyon, Marseille and Nantes, France is now looking forward to the launch of digital radio in three cities and their surrounding areas: Paris, Marseille and Nice.

This week the quiet town of Kings Langley, home to Pure and all it's engineers, will be transformed into Kings Landing to celebrate the launch of the Game Of Thrones season three on DVD. For two weeks only, the village will officially be known as Kings Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in the TV show. We're offering fans the chance to win a Pure Evoke D4 Glacier, by creating the best house motto for us here at Pure. The house name is Glacier- we're just missing the motto. There are loads of ways you can get involved and the winner will be announced on 24th February 2014.

Whether you’re passionate about Wagner, Verdi, Puccini, or Mozart there’s no better time to celebrate your passion for opera than Opera Day on 8th Feb. If you have yet to give opera a try, today is the perfect day to begin.

So Valentine’s Day has crept up once again, and whilst some of us can’t bear the thought of a whole day devoted to hearts, chocolate and candlelit dinners, we’re all for sharing the love.

In just under a weeks’ time on the 6th February, the Winter Olympic Games will open in Sochi, Russia providing us with three weeks of live action thanks to the comprehensive coverage planned by the BBC.