Did You Know...


If you want to listen to digital radio in the car, Highway 300Di in-car digital radio and audio adaptor, brings an outstanding DAB performance. Highway 300Di offers more choice, including digital stations like BBC 6 Music and Planet Rock, as well as dramatically improved digital sound quality for existing AM stations such as BBC 5 Live, talkSPORT and Absolute Radio. But did you know you can also use picnic and forecourt mode??

Once you've reached your destination, Picnic mode allows you to still listen in with the ignition off and your car keys removed. However this doesn't drain your car battery as Highway cleverly shuts down after an hour in picnic mode. Forecourt pause is ideal for quick stops at the petrol station or cashpoint, as it keeps Highway 300Di on standby for 15 minutes after you remove the keys. Once you restart the ignition, Highway immediately resumes the music you were playing and if it was a favourite digital radio programme you were listening to you can pause up to 8 minutes so you don't have to miss a second!

(Note: picnic mode and forecourt mode are subject to different vehicle specifications)

Highway 300Di also includes a connection for iPod, iPhone and iPad and  and USB with full music control and charging. (SRP £200).

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