Did You Know?


One Flow WhiteYou may already be aware but this week between 4th-10th February is Tinnitus Awareness week, where the British Tinnitus Association will be celebrating the importance of Tinnitus Support Groups throughout the UK.  Did you know that Pure's One Flow has a feature that can help with Tinnitus??

One Flow (SRP £99.99)  is one of our range of Pure Connect compatible streaming music and radio systems which bring millions of songs, thousands of radio stations, hundreds of on-demand programmes and podcasts, and ambient sounds simply and easily within your reach.  One Flow also comes complete with Pure Sounds which  provides a variety of natural sounds for users to listen to. These include white noise - a rushing kind of sound which is known to help ease the noise for Tinnitus sufferers.

One Flow also features two tone/radio alarms, a sleep timer and kitchen timer , 30 DAB digital pre-sets and an input for your iPod or Mp3 player.

You can download the Pure Connect app for Android and iOs on the Pure Connect website.

For more information or hi-res images for One Flow, please contact sarah.riley@pure.com