How to keep up with clock changes this March!


To avoid being caught out when the clocks move forward an hour on 25th March you can do any one of the following: leave a post-it for yourself stuck to the headboard; set your mobile to alert you in the middle of the night; ask your mum to call and remind you to change the clocks (they usually do anyway) or simply invest in a Pure radio that will automatically sync to the correct time ensuring a smooth transition into the new time zone.

Both our Chronos and Siesta ranges of bedside radios have at least four independent alarms to ensure you wake up to your choice of music, at the right time.

Pure’s Siesta Mi: SRP £39.99 is our most compact and affordable bedside radio, Siesta Mi is packed full of features – including digital and FM radio, two alarms, sleep and snooze timers, and a large clear display.

Siesta Flow (SRP £89.99) is a bedside internet-connected digital radio, which uses a Wi-Fi connection to access internet radio, podcasts, listen again content and can even stream music direct from a Wi-Fi enabled computer. There is a unique selection of  over 365 Pure Sounds to relax you to sleep or wake up to. Choose from church bells, bird song, ocean waves or chimes to name but a few.

Siesta iDock (SRP £89.99) is a stereo digital and FM bedside radio with dock for iPod/ iPhone. Siesta iDock also features the Pure PowerPort which provides power for USB accessories such as mobile phone chargers, reading lights, bedside fans and cup warmers, solving the problem of having insufficient power points next to the bed.

Pure’s Chronos iDock II (SRP £99.99) features a stylish design and impressive stereo audio. Compatable with the latest iPod and iPhone models, Chronos iDock Series II brings together digital radio and iPod/iPhone docking to give you the best of both worlds. The features include multiple customizable alarms, adjustable sleep and snooze timers, automatic brightness control, and a new PowerPort, providing power for handy USB accessories.

Whilst on the subject of sleep, March is also  National Bed Month. Organised by The Sleep Council, the month aims to remind us all of why a sound sleep is good for our health.

Forget the old saying that if "You snooze, you loose." It's thought that a good sleep has amazing properties that make you healthier and happier, and can even add years to your life!

But if your're finding it hard to 'switch off' then listening to soothing music or natural sounds are a proven way to relax both mind and body and hence aid a restful night.

With that in mind, the Pure Twilight ( SRP £139.99) brings together the best in light therapy and the choice and ease-of-use of digital radio to deliver the ultimate bedside experience. Offering dawn simulation, mood lighting, built-in natural sounds and lullabies as well as a reading light and four independent alarms, Twilight creates the ideal ambience for getting a good night’s sleep and waking up revitalised and refreshed.