Quiz: Complete the Christmas song lyrics!

“Well I wish it could be Christmas every…month!” Huh? That doesn’t sound right! If you’re anything like us, sometimes the lyrics to even your favourite songs can evade you – often to embarrassing effect. Then again, you might be a self-professed fountain of lyrical knowledge, never failing to impress your mates with your astounding musical memory.

Now that we’re fully in the throes of the festive season, it’s the perfect time to test your wordy wisdom by seeing if you can complete the Christmas song lyrics. So go ahead and prove you’re crazy for Chrimbo by taking on our fiendishly tricky quiz!

If you need any practice, tune into your digital radio to hear the best yuletide tunes in the build up to the 25th. There’s even a selection of awesome dedicated festive stations on internet radio.


Pure's Christmas Crackers playlist

If streaming is your thing, then follow our Christmas Crackers playlist on Spotify! With this ultimate collection of festive tunes, you'll be rockin' around the Christmas tree in no time. Enjoy from any device via Bluetooth and Spotify Connect on loads of our digital radios, or if you're driving home for Christmas, then take your favourite playlists on the road with a Highway in-car adapter!