Pop a Jongo in someone's stocking


Christmas preparation is now well underway and with the 25th creeping ever closer, Pure have some perfect gifts for the music lovers- and the perfect solution for shoppers!

With the Jongo Wireless Music System you can stream music and radio via your smartphone or tablet to listen wherever you go, inside or out. You’ll enjoy the same incredibly detailed, bass-rich, premium-quality sound, whether you’re playing one Jongo speaker in your apartment, or partying with a dozen!


Jongo_S3(S340B)_Burnt_Orange_PartyThe smallest of our Jongo speakers, the S3, is a portable, wireless speaker, that comes with four audio settings including outdoor boost for the best effect in every environment. This is great for anyone who loves to be outdoors and enjoy their music- or those who host BQQs, parties and get togethers.


Or, for those that want something that will fit in any room, the Jongo T2 offers rich sound and versatile listening. They can create a Jongo system to suit them perfectly, starting with one or two speakers and they can add more whenever they want.

Cut outsAnyone who has an existing hi-fi that they're rather attached to, would be pleased with our A2. Small and perfectly formed, you simply plug the A2 straight into an existing set up and allows you to stream from any device through the hi-fi speakers.

Our T4 and T6 are the two largest speakers in the range, boasting loads of power and amazing sound. They can also be paired and over 20 million tracks are available for streaming on Pure Connect.

So anyone who loves music, and loves it to sound good, will be more than happy with a member of our Jongo family under the tree this year!