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House party series - part 4

Jongo family with app

The countdown really begins now that we have a matter of weeks to go until the Christmas season is upon us. Want to invite friends around and liven up your living room with a few heart warming tunes?

The Jongo multiroom system is the perfect companion for throwing a party. You can't be in all the rooms all of the time rigging up a wired sound system for a house party- this can prove messy.NEW

If you have a pair of T2, T4 or T6 speakers, why not separate them and have one in the kitchen and another in the living room?  You can even control the volume of the speakers individually. For example, lower the volume in the kitchen where most people congregate to chat and play it louder elsewhere. No more will the host have to stand by the music system for the duration of the party and stop what they're doing when a request is made. They can simply tap their phone and select a track from wherever they are in the house. Your phone or tablet is the remote control.

To blast out those Christmas favourites why not try Jongo's built-in stereo pairing feature and take advantage of the perfectly synchronised audio? By adding more speakers into the mix, an S3 on the stairs, a T2 in the bedroom you can really get the party started. Of course the S3 is portable too so there's always the option to take the speaker outside.

So come on -  IT'S CHRISTMAS......!

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