Eleven years of digital radio


Pure has been creating digital radios for eleven years this year, with each one featuring technology from our parent company, Imagination Technologies, and all being designed and engineered here in the UK.

CEO Sir Hossein Yassaie will today be speaking at the Go Digital conference, taking place at the BBC's Broadcasting house in London. Take a look below at how our digital radios have progressed over the years, and listen out for announcements from the conference on our twitter later on today.



You were born. We launched you in June 2002. The first sub-£100 DAB digital radio, you were a critical and popular success. People queued in Oxford Street to get their hands on you.



You grew bigger. We added another speaker. Now stereo fans loved you too.


You got clever. We gave you live radio pause and rewind, an electronic programme guide, an SD card slot for recording and a SnoozeHandle. You were top of your class.


Pure Evoke 1S Marshall

You got heavy. We gave you Marshall amp styling, and a volume dial that went up to 11! The new look attracted rock royalty, and a 2007 charity eventsaw you signed by the likes of Eric Clapton, Noel and Liam Gallagher, Mark Knopfler and Paul Weller and auctioned to raise £15,866. Everyone agreed that you rocked.



You softened up. We added softer lines and a range of contemporary colours. You were centre stage in every design conscious home.

You got connected. We gave you access to internet radio, on-demand programmes, podcasts, ambient sounds and music streamed from PC or Mac. You transformed listening habits.



You went designer . We teamed up with Orla Kiely to give you a retro chic look. You became a design statement.



You got patriotic. We’re proud to be celebrating ten years of British success.



You got bluetooth. We added Bluetooth to our new- look Evoke's, making it easy to stream and listen to all music, not just digital radio.

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