My favourite Xmas Pure Product


Sarah here, PR assistant at Pure from Bournemouth Uni. With the festive season finally here, my favourite Pure product that I would recommend is the Twilight Digital/FM Radio with mood lighting and dawn simulator. Its the perfect gift for a sleepy student!

Twilight’s  six energy efficient LEDs provide a spectrum of colours to brighten your morning or you can set the dawn simulator to wake you slowly -an increasingly popular way of getting people out of bed! If you like to read a book before bed like me, you can select a more sedate lighting option or a glowing nightlight.

I like how it has four independent alarm settings, so you have the choice to wake up to digital radio, FM or relaxing Pure Sounds like wind chimes, cicades or soothing ocean waves. The mood lights range in colour including ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Ocean’. I love the "party" light mode which uses flashing colours to create a disco feel - great to get you in the mood for going out!

Twilight also has another handy feature; a Pure PowerPort USB socket for USB accessories.  You can recharge your mobile phone or Kindle right next to your bed and plug in your iPod or Mp3 player.

Not forgetting it is a fully featured FM and digital radio, Twilight is a great gift to treat someone to this Christmas.

For more information, please visit  SRP £139.99,