Bring Chessington World of Adventures Resort home with PURE


PURE has teamed up with Chessington World of Adventures Resort to bring the soundscape of Britain’s Wildest Adventure to its internet-connected digital radios and its radio and media portal,

Chessington World of Adventures pipe sounds of nature into their safari-themed resort hotel rooms after carrying out a survey that found that birds twittering and rainforest noises are amongst the most soothing sounds to help people get a good night’s sleep. The Chessington soundscape is now available through PURE’s range of eight internet-connected digital radios, and the PURE Lounge iPhone app enabling users to drift off to sleep at home or away while listening to monkeys calling and lions roaring.

David Smith at the Chessington World of Adventures Resort said “Families staying at our on-site hotel have really appreciated drifting off to our nature soundscape and we think it’s fantastic that PURE has added the sounds to their radios so that our guests can take a little bit of their Chessington experience home with them.”

To listen to the soundscape simply follow the link

Please visit or call 0845 1489001 for more information.