i-20 In Focus


i-20, a ground-breaking digital iPod/iPhone dock





Brief overview of key features :-

• A ground-breaking digital iPod/iPhone dock that allows users to seamlessly integrate their digital music and video collection into their hi-fi or AV system

• Connects to any amplified speaker system and other product with RCA phono line input or S/PDIF digital input

• The majority of current PURE portable radios, micro-systems and selected bedside radios can be connected to the i-20 using the supplied dual phono to 3.5mm audio cable. Retailers have the option of supplying a Toslink or coaxial cable for digital output, or a high-quality dual phono to dual phono cable for analog connection to a hi-fi system

• Supports all digital audio compatible iPod models including the iPod Touch and iPhone

• Includes video outputs for viewing videos stored on an iPhone/iPod on TV

• Extracts digital data from iPod/iPhone

• i-20 is the only digital iPod dock available that supports all popular analogue video formats (component (YPbPr), S-Video and composite†)

• High-performance 24-bit 192 KHz DAC (-105dB signal to noise ratio, 93 dB THD+N and 2V RMS)

• Digital optical (TOSLINK), digital coaxial (RCA) and analogue (dual RCA) audio outputs

• Includes remote control

• Charges iPod/iPhone when docked

Useful info:-

• UK SRP £74.99

• Europe SRP €89.99

• i-20 is PURE’s first digital iPod dock

• i-20 has a wealth of audio and video outputs, please see the chart below for details to get the best out of your i-20 dock

• Audio and video output is dependant on the source file quality

• iPod and iPhone video output resolutions vary depending on model, please see http://support.apple.com/specs for more details

• i-20 is the perfect iPod or iPhone companion for your high-end amplifier or micro system

• i-20 has been designed to do away with the iPod inserts of old so that ALL supported iPods can be plugged directly into the dock with zero fuss! In addition to this the high seat gives great stability when controlling your iPod directly on the dock

• i-20 comes complete with remote control, component video cable and a dual phono to 3.5mm audio output cable

• The PURE i-10 (i-20's stablemate) is currently the best selling stand-alone iPod dock after the official Apple dock!

• Full technical specifications can be found in the enclosed user guide


• PURE Choice S-video cable