Facebook App now live on Sensia


You may need to perform a software update and power cycle your Sensia to see the new Facebook App. To activate the Facebook App on your Sensia, you will need to follow the instructions on Sensia. You will be asked to log onto a website where you will fill in your Facebook log on details and password. You will then give permission for your wall feed to be used and then a code will be generated which you need to input onto Sensia.

Once you have inputted your code, your status updates will be shown with your friends' messages. All single posts will be visible and can be viewed more easily in full screen view (simply tap the top right hand corner of the visual panel and it will display in full screen. Tap the eye icon to change the view to your preference once in full screen).

If the post has a number attached to it, there are more posts to view. Simply tap the number or the green bubble to view the posts. At the moment you are not able to respond to posts.

Some posts may not display if they are from Apps such as Farmville - we are working on being able to display this information in a future update.

To post your own message, tap your photo in the top left hand corner, write your post and then tap the + icon in the bottom left hand corner to confirm the post.

Currently, you cannot display your profile page but we are working on additional functionality to be released in a future software update.

Only one user can be active. If you want to change to a different user, you need to deactivate the first account beforehand and get a code to activate the second user. At the moment the original user will need to get another code to reactivate their account. 

 We are working on an update that will allow all activated users to log back onto their account without having to get another code.