Men's festival style guide


It’s that time of year again when everyone starts, or has started, to prepare for festivals up and down the country. Even if you didn’t go to the holy grail of festivals, Glastonbury, there’s still time to get yourself down to one of the many summer time festivals still going on across the country. To find out more about the UK's best weekenders, then take a look at our huge guide here

To get you dapper chaps primed for an unforgettable summer weekend, we've teamed up with menswear experts The Idle Man to give the lowdown on what you need to wear this festival season. 

Pick a good bag

A durable and reliable bag is a necessity for any festival. With a plethora of bags available, you’ll need to narrow down which one you’re going to take. A backpack is always a good shout as they’re hands free (more freedom to carry the copious amounts of alcohol into the festival) and they always look good.

As you’ll be there for a few days, you’ll need a backpack big and deep enough to hold all of your weekend essentials. Opt for backpacks that are lightweight and have thick, comfortable straps that don’t dig into your shoulders when you have all of your belongings in it.

If a backpack isn’t for you then you can always opt for a duffle bag. Slightly more roomy, a duffle bag is a great option if you have a lot more than the average person to take with you. Always go for a duffle with a shoulder strap to relieve the pressure from hand carrying it.

What to pack

Only pack what you need. Overpacking at a festival is a bad move as you’ll just have more to carry and you probably won’t end up using/wearing half of what you take anyway. If you’re going for a long weekend then I’d suggest only packing a maximum of three or four T-shirts, and couple of pairs of shorts or jeans and possibly one jumper for the evening when the weather, even in the summer, turns chilly.

Of course, you should always pack a waterproof jacket or coat for when the weather, inevitably, takes a turn for the worse. Brands such as RAINS and The North Face design and create the perfect pieces of outerwear that are festival ready. Always opt for a neutral colour as you’ll want to wear the jacket or coat again no doubt.

Durable footwear

Probably the most important thing you’ll pack is your footwear. You’ll need a set of durable boots or wellies to see you through the potentially difficult terrain of the fields. Hunter wellies or Dr Marten boots would work perfectly in this situation, again, stick to a neutral colour as you’ll probably want to wear them again when you’re not in festival mode.

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