Sweet sounds for a Sweet Tooth


As season five of The Great British Bake Off, is well under way, and our favourites are starting to shine, we’re ready to get creative in the kitchen.Images

As we all know that sound is the perfect accompaniment to baking – We’ve decided to inspire you to have your very own bake-off, to do this we’ve created a baking playlist on our Pure Connect audio streaming service  and even suggested a cake to get you started.

With many famous chefs, including René Redzepi, choosing heavy metal as their genre of choice in the kitchen, we’ve added in a cheeky number from recent Glastonbury headliners, Metallica, great for listening over the sounds of the oven fan or blender. If you prefer something a little more upbeat however, check out Norwegian DJ Kygo, or if something more relaxed is up your street, why not pop on some jazz, we suggest Miles Davis or Gregory Porter.

You can listen to the full playlist here on Pure Connect. Why not share your favourite baking songs with us and we can add them to our playlist, just tweet us or Facebook us with #myjam #GBBO

If our playlist hasn’t got you in the mood to bake yet, why don’t you throw on some reggae, add a little spice and try out this delicious recipe for a Jamaican Ginger Cake.


80g dark brown Sugar

50g butter

150g self-raising flower

1 egg

50ml dark rum

1tsp of ground ginger

1tsp allspice

50g finely chopped stem ginger

100g golden syrup

100g black treacle


Firstly, preheat the oven to 180C/350F/gas mark 4, and line your round baking tin with grease proof paper. Put the butter, treacle, syrup, and sugar into a saucepan and melt. Let the mixture cool down a little before adding the rum and chopped ginger, and then the (beaten) egg. Sieve the flower, ground ginger and allspice and then add to the pan. Stir it all together and pour it into your baking tin. Let it bake for 40-45 minutes (if you want to check if it’s ready insert a skewer or fork into the cake, if it comes out clean it’s ready). Once you have removed it from the oven let it cool and then pour a little syrup over the top.

Happy baking!

If you want the sweet sound of music while baking it’s worth considering  our Evoke D2 for example, which looks great in any kitchen, or something more stylish such as our Orla Kiely Evoke Mio, which come equipped with kitchen timers, so baking couldn’t be easier.

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