Fun Kids inspire young engineers at Pure


Yesterday, thirteen engineers from Pure and Pure's parent company, Imagination Technologies took part in an "Inspiring Engineers" workshop run by Fun Kids, the UK's only radio station dedicated to children.

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Fun Kids have been running training workshops across the country to work first hand with young engineers to teach them key multi-media presentation skills including interviewing and delivering audio and visual presentations. The aim of the day was to take the engineers back to their childhoods and to think about what inspired them to become engineers. The engineers were asked to perform a Blue Peter style task by doing a  practical demonstration of something fun to educate children and then create audio and video features to capture this. On the the day everyone who took part really got stuck into this task and produced some fantastic products out of the most basic materials. For example, Ian, a Pure software engineer  created a buzz wire game, while Matt, an Imagination Technologies engineer built a speaker and Joe, an Imagination Technologies engineer, created an electromagnet.

Once the practical demos had been  filmed, the engineers were interviewed for a radio feature where they spoke about tips for young people entering engineering. We spoke to Ian from Pure about what sparked his interest in engineering.

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What sparked your interest in engineering?

“I was a bit of a geek as a kid and was always interested in computers! I used to make games using ‘Flash’ and I got a bit of a reputation at school for one particular game I created called ‘Shooter’. My friends were always asking me to create new levels for them to complete so I used Google to learn how to do it and just played around with a few things until I got it right!”

What would be your top tips for young people trying to get into engineering?

“Do what you are interested in. If you are not enjoying something don’t try and pursue a career in that area – stick to what you enjoy. Keep applying for courses and I highly recommend getting a work experience through things like summer placements as every company will ask for experience.”

Why did you sign up to the Fun Kids course?

"It’s important to encourage young people into engineering. People rarely know what to do before they go to university, so it is good to provide a taster as courses such as software engineering are not the type of subjects widely available at school."

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Other topics covered on the day included a presentation master class on how to present to children hosted by Fun Kids presenter Sean Thorne. Sean spoke about some interesting statistics on how much time children spend per day gaming and on the internet and gave tips on how to present to a young audience. The engineers were also taught how to sell  ideas, whether preparing for a team meeting or for an important presentation in front of a large audience. Overall, the day was thoroughly enjoyed and everyone  learned some usefull skills that can be transferred into the work place. The Blue Peter style demonstrations will be broadcast on Fun Kids and available on their website within the next few weeks.

For more information on Fun Kids please visit:

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