Did you know...


We’ve just launched the latest members of our Jongo family. But did you know you can now stereo pair your Jongo speakers for an even better music experience?

Jongo_T6_StereoPairBy using the Pure Connect App on your phone, you can get  perfectly synchronised sound by pairing up two of the same Jongo speakers across your room. Use the new Jongo T2s, T4s, T6s or the S3s to create the best sound, creating a perfectly balanced audio experience whatever the room dimensions. Setting up stereo pairing couldn’t be easier; using the Pure Connect app you simply select the speakers to be paired. You can even control the balance between the speakers and adjust the bass and treble levels.

You can upgrade any current S3 speakers for stereo pairing and the new products already come loaded with the software.

For high-res images of the new products, please contact lena.palmer@pure.com