Pure finds its biggest fan


Pure finds its biggest fan

Owner of the earliest Evoke digital radio is presented with a limited edition patriotic Evoke Mio



After a ten week search to celebrate its tenth birthday, Pure has found the owner of one of the earliest Evoke-1 digital radios ever produced. The winner, Christine Davis, has been presented with a limited edition Evoke Mio Union Jack with a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion.

As part of its tenth anniversary celebrations, Pure embarked upon a search for ten of its biggest fans and owners of the very first Evoke-1 digital radios produced when the brand launched in 2002.

Pure fans were invited to submit stories about how they got hold of one of the first Evoke-1 digital radios or photos of their radios in situ plus the serial number on the back of their Evoke-1 to identify whether it was one of the first to be produced.

Chris’ Evoke-1 had in fact been a gift in September 2002 and was purchased from May's Electricals in Leicester. Chris works from home so a digital radio is a must to keep her company all day while she paints in her workroom. She also has a Pure Tempus which was a gift from her sister in 2005 and is kept in the kitchen.

Chris says: ‘I love listening to BBC Radio 4, 5 Live and 6 Music and I've always been very pleased with both of the radios. I have always told friends to get a Pure if they were going digital’

The Pure Evoke-1, which was the first high-volume sub £100 digital radio quickly sold out and had people queuing on London’s Oxford Street to get their hands on one.

Says Colin Crawford, Pure’s marketing director: “When we launched the original Evoke in 2002, we never imagined that we would see crowds queuing down Oxford Street to get their hands on one, but that’s what happened, and the rest, as they say, is history. We are incredibly proud of the Evoke’s success and proud to be flying the flag for British design and technology.”

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