PURE provides weatherproof sound track for charity bike riders


PURE is providing a weatherproof soundtrack for a charity bike ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End. The rechargeable and weatherproof Oasis Flow internet-connected digital radio is taking pride of place in the centre of the unusual circular conference bike made for seven. All proceeds from the bike ride are going to Cancer Research UK.  

Team leader, Ed Greig, says: “The Oasis Flow will really boost our morale and keep us going on the long road to Land’s End as well as preventing us having to listen to the other riders singing!”

Ed will be joined by many others along the route including cycling colleagues from PURE and PURE’s parent company Imagination Technologies.

The Conference Bike, or CoBi, as it is abbreviated, was conceived as a work of art by American inventor, Eric Staller.  The bike is built in Germany and is an engineering marvel with seven riders sitting in a circle and all able to pedal at their own speed. One person steers while six pedal.

Practically ready for anything, Oasis Flow (SRP £169.99) is ideal for the bathroom, the beach, the garden, DIY, boating, BBQs and any other outdoor scenario thanks to its rugged and splash resistant case, waterproof vents, durable cast aluminium framework and rubber seals. Oasis Flow includes internet-connectivity, touchscreen control, enhanced audio, FM and a crystal clear OLED display which is readable at any angle. Oasis Flow offers maximum portability with a useful carry handle and integrated ChargePAK battery which provides up to ten hours of portable listening. As PURE’s Flow technology is integrated, users can listen to thousands of internet stations, podcasts and listen again content or stream their digital music collection anywhere within range of their Wi-Fi network. There is also an input for an iPod / MP3 player or PURE’s i-10 universal iPod dock so Oasis Flow can also be used as a portable iPod speaker.

For more information, please visit www.cobiuk.com or www.pure.com or call +44 (0) 845 1489001.