Listen to Jazz this month through Pure Connect

Throughout April is Jazz Appreciation Month - a global celebration to advance recognition of jazz as America’s original music. This is the 11th year of celebrations so if you're a Jazz fan, why not  listen to your favourite tracks using our Pure Connect service?
 Pure Connect iOS app
Pure Connect  is our online gateway that combines a comprehensive on-demand music service with a free radio service. With access to around 20,000 global radio stations, you can search Pure Connect for your favourite  Jazz stations including Jazz FM, All That Jazz and Chill Radio UK for  free.  There are around 200,000 free on-demand programes available to let you catch up with a Jazz podcast , or you play around to create  your own selection of Jazz favourites.
You can even create the perfect Jazz playlist using our Pure Music service for £4.99 a month. Pure Music is Pure’s on demand music service, which allows unlimited music streaming (over 15 million streamable music tracks available) and a huge range of artists and genres to choose from.
The free Pure Connect app for iPhone and iPad is available to download now (Android version coming soon).

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