Did You Know...


The Jongo  S3  boasts a range of features including flexible audio modes with 360° sound (mono and stereo).

Jongo_S3_Black_PartyBut did you know you can change the colour of the speaker grilles? With a zesty range of coloured speaker grilles to choose from, Jongo S3 can coordinate with any colour scheme in the house.

You can choose from burnt orange for the bedroom, lime green for out in the garden, mango for the kitchen, or black and white to go anywhere.  Each Jongo S3 comes with a handy tool to help you easily remove the speaker grilles if you change your mind on the colour (SRP from £12.99).

 Other features of Jongo S3 include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

For hi-res images or samples, please email sarah.riley@pure.com (SRP £169.99)