Did You Know...


A portable wireless speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and 360° sound,Jongo S3 is also compatible with a range of Pure connected devices. But did you know Jongo S3 also has flexible audio modes?

 Jongo S3 offers an incredibly rich and vibrant sound thanks to four speakers and an upward firing subwoofer for powerful bass. Change the profile to suit your mood and environment with 360° sound for community listening (stereo or mono); forward facing stereo and outdoor boost profiles to choose from. Simply press the audio button at the back of the speaker and the arrows on screen will display the direction where the sound will play from. If you’re hosting a party, pop the Jongo on the table and set the mode to Stereo 360° to experience big stereo sound, like a live gig in your living room!  The Mono 360° profile is also powerful and uses all 5 speakers so that the music will reach every corner. Jongo_S3_Burnt_Orange_Party

The Jongo S3 can still play outside whilst connected to Bluetooth so you can still hear your favourite tracks when out in the garden. Outdoor boost mode is perfect for partying in the park as it boosts powerful audio from the front and all sides.  

Jongo S3 can be placed on a bookshelf or shelving unit and still provides punchy audio- simply select the forward facing mode which sends the audio through the front  tweeters.

Other features include Bluetooth connectivity and removeable speaker grilles. SRP £169.99.

For hi-res images or samples, please email sarah.riley@pure.com