Did You Know...


A portable wireless speaker with 360° sound, Jongo S3   is the first product in our new Jongo family – the world's most affordable multiroom audio range. But did you know Jongo S3 also has Bluetooth connectivity?

Jongo_S3_Lime_Green_GardenFor more casual audio streaming, you can also use Bluetooth to stream one-to-one from a huge range of mobile devices.

Bluetooth is ideal  if you want to take the Jongo outside for summer BBQs or for some music outside in the garden .As the Jongo has a built in rechargeable battery, it is perfect to take to the park as it can last for up to 10 hours. You could also use the Bluetooth function if you wanted to take the Jongo S3 to another room in the house and listen to different music, if you are already using the Wi-Fi connection to stream to multiple Jongos.

Other features for Jongo S3 include different audio profiles such as forward facing and outdoor boost. SRP £169.99.

For hi-res images or samples, please email sarah.riley@pure.com