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We’re chuffed to share a superb write-up from Trusted Reviews for our new Siesta Home all-in-one audio system! One of the top sites around the world for tech buying advice and reviews, they rated the model an impressive 4.5/5 stars.

You’re ready to make some unforgettable plans this summer, but it’s a toss-up between a festival or a sizzling vacation abroad. Who says you can’t do both at once?! Whether it’s sun-soaked boat parties in Croatia or rocking out inside a historic Serbian fortress, choose from a huge variety of incredible festivals across Europe.

It’s finally here! Football’s greatest competition, the FIFA World Cup, takes place this summer and the entire nation is unsurprisingly at fever pitch. As the globe’s biggest superstars descend on Russia this June, rest assured that it’s easier than ever to follow all the action as it unfolds on your digital radio.

When it comes to packing in pure emotion, nothing quite compares to sweet soul music. Throughout the genre’s history, its most decorated artists haven’t been afraid to tackle big social issues, and most important of all, matters of the heart.