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Ireland is a nation extremely proud of its music heritage; and no wonder, it’s got plenty to shout about! We thought it was high time we celebrated the country’s musical pedigree, and there’s no better way than with a good old quiz!

To commemorate one of rugby's biggest events, we’re taking this month’s PureList on a road trip around Europe – as we celebrate the exceptional musical talent from across the six participating countries.

To commemorate UNESCO’s World Radio Day on Thursday 13th February, we’re taking a deeper look into the powerful emotional connection people have with radio, while also exploring their daily listening habits.

Great Britain. We may be a small nation in size, but we certainly have lots to shout about when it comes to our gigantic musical heritage. To commemorate this year’s 40th edition of the Brit Awards, we’ve crafted a playlist that shines a spotlight on the ceremony’s most successful homegrown talent!

To help soundtrack the start of this landmark year, we’ve created the perfect playlist – with every track or artist referencing the word ‘new’ and offering some musical inspiration to help you see in the new decade in the best way possible.

Here’s to you 2019….it’s been, erm, interesting. To celebrate what was a pretty crazy year, we’ve put together a tricky quiz that will test your knowledge of the weirdest, funniest and most incredible stories from the world of music!

See out the end of 2019 in style with our round-up of the month’s very best new music. With a true feast of genres on offer, you’ll have plenty of tunes to sink your teeth into this December. We’ve even gift-wrapped a Spotify playlist of 30 new tracks, so the great music doesn’t have to stop!