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An incredible album has the power to live long in the memory of any listener. But sometimes it’s not only the music that can make an album truly iconic. Standing out from the window of a record store or your smartphone screen, eye-catching artwork is often the first thing that draws you to a special album.

It’s that time of year when thousands of students across the nation will be flying the nest to start an exciting chapter of their life at university. To make sure every Fresher is ready for their new life of independence, we’ve teamed up our brand-new Elan IR5 with a host of essential items – from handy gadgets, to a tantalising cookbook.

Summer may be drawing to an unwelcome close, but our round-up of the best new music around is guaranteed to bring some sunshine to your September, whatever the weather. As well as dissecting hot hits from the likes of Dua Lipa, Chic and Hozier, we’ve also got a playlist of 30 box fresh tracks to inspire your month’s listening.

Summer is finally here! For an uplifting day in the sunshine, have a listen to this playlist filled with upbeat songs and chilled tones. Ranging from artists such as Sia, to Frank Ocean, to Ariana Grande, this playlist features loads of radio favourites.