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Even though we’re quickly approaching the end of summer, there’s absolutely no need to feel down. Why? Because no matter the season, we’ll be on hand to bring you the best new tunes every single month and this month is no different.

Inspired by the latest interior trends, the choice of colours (Mint, Slate Blue and Graphite) makes Elan BT3 the perfect gadget for any room in the home. To inspire the interior designer inside you, we've styled it within a trendy kitchen environment.

We just love BBC Radio 1. There’s many reasons for this, ranging from their incredible roster of DJs to an impeccable, always on-point playlist. But what we love the most about the station is the hallowed Live Lounge – where some of the biggest artists from around the world step out of their comfort zone to take on a daring version.  

Brewers do everything to set apart their prized beer from the rest – even when it comes to naming the drink. So much so, that we think they sound just as wacky as most bands playing every summer festival. So, can you tell the difference? It’s harder than you think!

To get you dapper chaps primed for an unforgettable summer weekend, we've teamed up with menswear experts The Idle Man to give the lowdown on what you need to wear this festival season.