Jongo T2X (Ice)


Jongo T2X (Ice)

Compact wireless multi-room speaker

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The versatile Jongo T2X offers impressive sound quality with a small form factor. Connect effortlessly over WiFi or Bluetooth to enjoy music, radio and on-demand content.


  • 20W Stereo Speaker

    20W Stereo Speaker

    Dual speakers to deliver clear stereo sound

  • Bluetooth Caskeid

    Bluetooth Caskeid

    Play music from any app wirelessly from any bluetooth compatible device

  • Multiroom


    Stream music synchronously all around the home in any or every room

  • Pure Connect Control

    Pure Connect Control

    Simple setup and a whole host of content from the 'Pure Connect' app

  • Pairable


    Pair a compatible product for fully immersive stereo sound

  • Aux-in


    Play your own music from any compatible device

  • Wi-Fi


    Stream music wirelessly using your home WiFi network

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Full Description

Our versatile 20 watt speaker boasts an amazingly rich sound. Whether you opt for T2Xs all over your home, use them upstairs with larger speakers downstairs or choose a single T2X for your studio, you won’t be disappointed.

Play any music service from any device

Jongo T2X lets you play music from any device (e.g. smartphone, tablet or laptop), without wires, usingany music app or music streaming service.

The most flexible multiroom audio system

Start with one Jongo, add another to create a stereo pair, or go multiroom and add Jongos all around your home – all Jongo products work seamlessly together to give you the most flexible multiroom audio system. And thanks to Caskeid technology you have full control of your music, no matter what room you’re in.

Easy setup and control

Jongo T2X is easy to set up and use. Simply switch it on, download the latest Pure Connect app and follow the prompts. Use the app to adjust audio settings and volume of an individual Jongo or a whole multiroom system. You can also use Pure Connect to play your own music and discover new radio and on demand content.

Stylish looks

Featuring high quality speaker grilles, Jongo T2X will look great in any room. The new understated Pure logo swivels around too, so you can match the orientation of your speaker.

Compact size, impressive sound

As a compact wireless speaker, Jongo T2X is ideal for any room in your home. Whichever room you decide to put your speaker in, the rich bass and fine-tuned audio will make your favourite songs sound great too.


  • Model:

    Jongo T2X

  • Wireless:

    802.11b and 802.11g supported with WEP and WPA/WPA2. A2DP Bluetooth support

  • Codec support:

    Includes WMA (Standard V9), AAC, MP3, MP2 

  • Input connectors:

    15VDC power adapter socket (110-230V supplied), 3.5mm Line-in for auxiliary devices. USB A for product upgrades and Ethernet connectivity (optional adapter available)

  • Controls:

    Power, Vol+, Vol-, Mute, Wi-Fi setup, Reset 

  • Mains Power Supply:

    110-230V AC to 15V DC external power adapter (supplied)

  • Power consumption (Standby mode):

    0.4W (limit 0.5W)

  • Networked Standby mode activated:

    After 30 minutes inactivity or via short press of the Power button

  • Power Consumption (Networked Standby mode):


  • Wireless Network(s) On/Off switch:

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options under advanced settings

  • Standby And/Or Off mode activated:

    Off mode via long press Power

  • Warranty:

    Comprehensive three year warranty for Jongo T2X

  • Dimensions:

    w 250mm x d 120mm x h 150mm

  • Weight:


  • Approvals:

    European CE, US FCC/ETL, Australian C-Tick. Wi-Fi Alliance.

What's in the box

Box contents:

  • Jongo T2X
  • Power adapter
  • Quickstart guide

Reviews & awards


Jongo has come up with a good set of speakers.

, 7/10

Sound-wise the Jongo family is certainly not short on power.

, 4/5 Stars

...the results rise above the bargain pricing.

, 4/5 Stars

Pure has a fun and affordable take on multi-room that’s welcome in the market. We really like it’s nice range of speaker options and upfront, full-bodied sound.

, 4/5 Stars


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