WEEE Compliance

What is WEE Compliance?

The EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is aimed to minimize the impact of electrical and electronic goods on the environment.

Are Pure taking part?

Yes, Pure is a member of REPIC along with many other major electrical and electronic producers in the UK. REPIC’s role is to ensure that electrical appliances at end of life are reused or recycled. Wherever you see the REPIC logo you can be assured that your end of life product is being effectively and efficiently managed.

REPIC provides National WEEE compliance solutions for large, medium and small obligated companies from the producer and retail sector and for all categories of WEEE. It arranges for collection and reuse/recycling of old appliances from household waste recycling centres, from producer and retailer take-back of old products.

REPIC is not for profit but entirely cost focused. Embracing the concept of competition as a way of minimizing costs and maximizing efficiencies puts REPIC in the best position to offer its members the lowest true cost compliance scheme on the market.



The Pure EEE Producer Registration Number is: WEE/BD0058TS