Trade Marks

Avanti Flow, ChargePAK, Chronos, Chronos CD, Chronos iDock, Chronos II, Clearsound, EcoPlus, the EcoPlus Logo, Evoke, Evoke-1S, Evoke Flow, Evoke Mio, Evoke-1, Evoke-1XT, Evoke-2, Evoke-2S, Evoke-2XT, Evoke-3, Flow, Highway, i-10, Intellitext, Move, One, One Classic, One Elite, One Mini, PocketDAB, PocketDAB 1500, Pure, Pure Lounge, the Pure Lounge logo, Pure One, Pure Sounds, quickSCAN, Reach F10, ReVu, S-1, Satin-touch, Siesta, Sirocco 150, SnoozeHandle, Tempus-1S, textSCAN are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pure International Limited. All other logos, products, trademarks and registered trademarks, are the property of their respective owners.