Jargon Buster

Pure SoundsThe world of audio technology is full of exciting features and confusing acronyms. Our jargon busters aim to help you translate the technobabble and decide which features will be most useful for you.

Apple's standard for streaming high quality music from your Apple device to any Airplay compatible Pure product wirelessly. Airplay uses two way synchronization - change the volume on one device and the changes will be mirrored on the other.

Bluetooth Caskeid
Unique technology used in our Jongo products that allow you to play music synchronously across multiple speakers all around the home for family listening experience like no other. With Bluetooth Caskeid you're free to play music from any app or music streaming service you like, from any Bluetooth compatible device such as smartphones and tablets. Learn more.

An optional rechargeable battery pack for portable Pure products. ChargePAK is a fit-and-forget solution that charges within your radio or speaker while it is connected to the mains so that it's ready to go when and wherever you are. ChargePAKs are more economical than regular batteries and are significantly kinder to the environment, because they reduce the amount of hazardous materials sent to landfill. Several ChargePAK models are available: you can find out which one is suitable for you by looking at the accessories section of the respective product page.

Listen Later
Available on some Pure digital radios, Listen Later enables you to save your favourite digital radio programme and play it back later. Listen Later memory holds up to about 45 minutes worth of recording (depending on the bitrate of the broadcast) and the programme is stored in memory until the unit is switched off or the programme is overwritten.

Pure PowerPort is a USB power socket suitable for USB-powered accessories such as mobile phone chargers, LED lamps, USB fans and more. PowerPort is not suitable for use with data accessories such as USB hubs.

Pure Connect
Pure Connect is an online music streaming and radio service that gives you instant access to thousands of internet radio stations aroudn the world, on-demand prorammes, podcasts, ambient sounds and millions of music tracks. Available with a subscription service, Pure Connect is accessible on desktop, mobile and tablet devices (via the Pure Connect app) and on compatible connected Pure products.

RF (Radio Frequency) remote controls have a longer range than infrared remotes and do not need line-of-sight.

Pause and Rewind
On some Pure digital radios you can pause and rewind live digital radio at the touch of a button. From the moment you begin listening to a digital station, the audio is saved to internal memory (usually up to a maximum of 15 minutes), so that if your listening is interrupted you can pause, rewind and listen again.

SD Card
SD (Secure Digital) memory cards are widely used in digital cameras, digital camcorders, laptops, PDAs, media players and mobile phones.

A touch-sensitive handle used on some Pure products. One touch snoozes the alarm or illuminates the clock.

USB Playback
A USB port which enables you to play MP3 and WMA music files stored on a USB memory stick.

USB for Upgrades
A mini USB input for product upgrades. When new features and improvements become available, software upgrades and full instructions are posted on the Pure support pages (http://support.pure.com) and registered users are notified by e-mail. To run updates you'll need an internet-connected PC running Microsoft Windows and a USB cable to connect your PC to your Pure product.

The popular wireless technology used by laptop computers. All our streaming music and radio systems use Wi-Fi and are certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.