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Radio/CD Players

Evoke Home Coffee Black EU/UK


Evoke Home Coffee Black EU/UK
Evoke Home Cotton White EU/UK


Evoke Home Cotton White EU/UK
Evoke Home Special Edition EU/UK


Evoke Home Special Edition EU/UK

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The all-in-one DAB+ radio with Internet and Bluetooth

Elan Connect

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The stereo DAB+ radio with internet and Bluetooth

Elan Connect+

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The highly portable compact DAB+ radio with Bluetooth

Elan DAB+

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CD player

There’s nothing better than a physical copy of your favourite album. This elegant design merges CD functionalities with a variety of digital components, and with a choice of different colours, sizes and functions you can be sure to find your ideal CD player.

A CD player consists of a CD drive, an electronic circuit and speakers or an audio output that allows users to play a CD’s digitised data, most commonly music. A CD player comes to life at the push of a button, and you can listen to any tune of your choice.

Some CD players have extra features such as the option to repeat or skip individual tracks or albums. While CD players used to be very popular, they have been increasingly replaced by MP3 players and streaming services like Spotify, iTunes or Apple Music.

The history of CDs

The history of CDs can be traced back to the 1970s, when different companies started to develop technologies that were able to digitally record and play music. In 1982, Philips and Sony launched their first CDs. CDs are a digital type of music recording saved on a thin, round disc made of polycarbonate. They offer better sound quality than standard vinyl discs or tapes and are more durable while being less fragile.

Over the years, CDs have become the most common type of media used to record and play music; however, with the advent of both the internet and digital music downloads, their popularity eventually started to wane. This being said, CDs are still a much accepted choice, especially for music lovers and artists who publish their music on CD.

CD player with Bluetooth

A CD player with Bluetooth is a gadget that is able to play CDs while also facilitating connections to different other devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. This enables users to play music or other audio content from their mobile devices on the CD player without the need for a cable.

It is a combination of a traditional CD player and a modern Bluetooth speaker, merging two worlds to create a useful tool.

CD player with internet radio and DAB/DAB+

In addition to CDs, an internet radio featuring the latest DAB/DAB+ can receive and play countless radio stations from around the globe. As the device is connected to Wi-Fi, it can also be controlled via an app - effortlessly and easily, just the way it should be, or, to put it into other words: Easy listening guaranteed.

What are the benefits of CD players with DAB/DAB+ radio and Bluetooth?

Apart from combining a CD drive and radio in a single unit, this kind of device offers some added benefits that make it superior to traditional FM radios. For one, it comes with improved sound quality, while it also enables users to receive international stations and programmes thanks to Bluetooth - from scientific talks to Brazilian Samba, from German “Schlager” to Mariachi sounds from Mexico.

CD player with Bluetooth and DAB/DAB+ by Pure - next-level radio

Pure offers a multitude of CD players with Bluetooth and DAB/DAB+ internet radio. Irrespective of which size you prefer, you won’t have to make any compromises with regards to sound because we pay extra attention to sound quality when developing our CD player radios. A combination of finely tuned speakers and advanced digital amplifiers creates the perfect sound. It doesn’t matter what type of music you prefer or which CD you play, a Pure radio will give you the best experience.

CD player in classic design

Listening to your favourite CD has never been that stylish! All of our modern CD players with slots are elegant yet functional, and in addition they are available in a number of colours and sizes. Depending on preference, we recommend the large Evoke C-D6, the smaller Evoke C-D4 or our newest model, the Evoke Home.

Comfort counts - even with CD players

Most Pure radio CD players come with an easy-to-read 2.8-inch colour display that shows both time and currently playing title. Music and volume can be regulated via an intuitive key panel on the radio or the included remote control. Furthermore, devices like the Evoke Home can be controlled via the UNDO-App. It allows you to control the volume, obviously, but you can also save favourites or change between different sources.