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Bluetooth Radios

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The all-in-one DAB+ radio with Internet and Bluetooth

Elan Connect

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The stereo DAB+ radio with internet and Bluetooth

Elan Connect+

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The highly portable compact DAB+ radio with Bluetooth

Elan DAB+

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Bluetooth radio

Bluetooth radios are radios that can be connected to other devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, via Bluetooth technology. This allows users to play music or other audio content from a mobile device on their radio without the need for a cable.

Additionally, a Bluetooth radio can also be used to receive “normal” radio stations and to manage the volume as well as other settings on the connected device.

In short: It is a radio that can play music from external sources like a smartphone or a PC thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth feature - how does Bluetooth work?

Bluetooth is a technology standard that enables devices that are in close proximity to each other to exchange data without cable or Wi-Fi. It works by sending and receiving radio waves over short distances. In order to connect devices via Bluetooth, they need to be paired.

This either happens automatically or by entering a code. As soon as a connection has been established, the devices can exchange data such as music, images or documents.

Bluetooth allows for the connection of two devices without plugs or cables, given they are Bluetooth-enabled.

What does Bluetooth mean and where does the term “Bluetooth” come from?

The term “Bluetooth” can be traced back to Harald Blåtand who, in the 10th century, was the King of Denmark. He owes his nickname "Blåtand", which translates to “Bluetooth”, to the fact that he united the different Scandinavian kingdoms, thereby laying the foundations for a single Scandinavian state.

And just like Harald Blåtand, the Bluetooth technology aims to connect and unite different devices and technologies. The Scandinavian background is still evident in the Bluetooth logo, which shows a Nordic rune.

Bluetooth loudspeaker or Bluetooth radio?

Bluetooth speakers are portable loudspeakers that can be connected to other devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops via Bluetooth technology in order to play music or other audio content. Bluetooth speakers do not require cables, which is one of the main benefits, as it makes them portable so that they can be used wherever they are needed.

Another advantage is their good service battery life, which means they can be used without plugs and on the go. In addition, Bluetooth speakers are ideal for outdoor use, as they are often waterproof and shock-resistant.

Combined devices such as Bluetooth radios can use their speakers to either play audio from the integrated radio or from an external device like a smartphone, tablet or notebook that has been connected to the Bluetooth radio via Bluetooth.

While Bluetooth speakers won’t play any sound if not connected to a device providing the necessary data, Bluetooth radios have the benefit of being able to connect to an external sound source but also to play content via the integrated DAB+ Radio or FM stations.

Digital radio with DAB+ technology and Bluetooth feature

A digital radio with DAB+ technology and Bluetooth feature is a radio that can receive both digital radio stations (DAB+) and analog radio stations (FM). DAB+ is a technology that provides better sound quality as well as a wider range of radio stations to choose from as it streams from the internet via Wi-Fi rather than using traditional radio waves for transmission. This means that data packages consisting of 0 and 1 combinations are being transmitted, which makes the operation of a radio station both cheaper and more energy efficient and allows smaller stations to enter the market. In addition, the reduced restriction of frequencies leads to more variety in terms of stations. And last but not least, digital transmission means you either receive a programme or you don’t - there’s no in-between and thus no static noise.

The Bluetooth feature allows users to connect the radio to other devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops in order to play music or other audio content directly via the radio, and without the need for a cable. Digital radios with DAB+ technology combined with Bluetooth can receive both digital and analog radio stations and also play music and different digital content from other devices via Bluetooth. As such, this type of radio is very progressive and modern.

Compact DAB+ devices with Bluetooth and alarm features can also be used as DAB+ radio alarms. Compact, battery-operated Bluetooth digital radios are available for mobile use - they are often referred to as outdoor speakers or outdoor radios.

Most DAB+ Bluetooth radios have a display as well as easy-to-use controls.

DAB/DAB+ Radio with CD player with Bluetooth

As another upgrade, digital radios with DAB+ technology and Bluetooth feature are now available with an added CD player.
And just like that, three generations of music playback are combined in just one device: FM radio (Ultra Short Wave), CD playback and DAB+ radio. Via Bluetooth, these features can be connected to a smartphone and all its apps and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and so on.

Bluetooth radio by Pure

At Pure, we offer a variety of Bluetooth radios in different price ranges. Some of our Bluetooth loudspeakers, like the Elan DAB+, for example, can be operated either via integrated or external batteries, while devices such as the Evoke H3 can be equipped with an optional lithium ion accumulator - a so-called ChargePak - allowing you to bring it along when travelling but also to use it anywhere at home. The Evoke C-D6 on the other hand is an attractive solution for stationary listening.

Pure radio with voice control

Anyone looking for additional control features should look no further than our DiscovR, a portable smart radio with Bluetooth and voice control for indoors use, and our StreamR Splash, a portable Bluetooth radio with an added Alexa feature for outdoors use.

The benefits of a Bluetooth radio at a glance:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect to any number of devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks or other players with a Bluetooth interface.
  • Sound quality: You can expect a clearer and fuller sonic image than with FM. The quality increases along with the transmission frequency (k/Bit).
  • Ease of use: Internet radios with Bluetooth excel in terms of ease of use.
  • Stable reception: Bluetooth radios with DAB+ technology offer stable quality, even if reception is weak, while FM radios often come with static noise.
  • Additional features: In addition to sound, Bluetooth radios with DAB+ technology can transmit images, information regarding the station, title or artist, and even videos, if the station allows for it.
  • Variety of stations: Reception of up to 30,000 stations and streaming providers from all over the world via DAB+ technology.

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