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Ready to make your life easier? Listen to the radio or stream your favourite music from any app using any Bluetooth-compatible device. Simply switch on Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet and select your Pure speaker. Enjoy premium sound you can easily control via mobile device.

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Bluetooth Radios

Evoke Home Special Edition EU/UK


Evoke Home Special Edition EU/UK

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The all-in-one DAB+ radio with Internet and Bluetooth

Elan Connect

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The stereo DAB+ radio with internet and Bluetooth

Elan Connect+

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The highly portable compact DAB+ radio with Bluetooth

Elan DAB+

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Connect and control

No more having to deal with cables lying around or identifying the correct input and output. Stream your collection of music, videos and podcasts directly from your mobile device to your Pure Bluetooth radio. You are in control of everything. Conveniently up the volume, skip a song or change the radio station using your smartphone.

Go out or stay in?

A radio to take on the road with you or a statement piece to fit into your interior? Some of our Bluetooth speakers, such as the Elan Connect+, have a built-in battery or can be equipped with batteries, so you can take it on your next trip or place it effortlessly around your home. The Evoke C-D6 will fulfil all your decorative and stationary radio needs.

Voice control

For additional control options, we recommend our DiscovR, a portable smart radio with Bluetooth and voice control function for indoors and our StreamR Splash portable Bluetooth radio with One-Touch Alexa for outdoors.