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Evoke Home Special Edition in Coffee Black with Cherrywood Grill, your all-in-one music system

The Pure Evoke Home Special Edition is an all-in-one intuitive music system, delivering a fully connected, powerful audio experience with an elegant design to complement your home.

Embracing our distinctive wood casing design heritage, Pure revisits and transforms the traditional wood feature, to bring you the Evoke Home Special Edition and introduces a warm Cherrywood speaker grill.

An absolute all-rounder delivering powerful sound in sleek design for your home to enjoy audio content from a variety of sources. A great alternative to a classic Hi-Fi system while offering audio content from Spotify Connect, international radio stations, DAB+ or your private CD collection.


Designed to celebrate and inspire

Designed by one of the UK's leading industrial design teams - Sam Hecht and Kim Colin - the Evoke Home Special Edition is an elegant and contemporary inspired evolution and additional to our Evoke Series of all-in-one music systems.

"Working together with Pure, we developed an intuitive and user-friendly music system. It's purity is formed by removing flashy elements and shiny colours. Instead of the black or white typical of electronic products, we chose a coffee and a soft cotton tone, so that Evoke is compatible with diverse room interiors".

"We referenced the heritage of the Pure Evoke - which originally used wood in its caseing - by introducing a special speaker grill made from wood. In some ways the wood makes the sound feel warmer".

Click HERE for more information about Sam Heckt and Kim Colin and the Industrial Facility.

All the things that make up radio, rethought.

The choice of music sources is as varied as tastes in music. The Evoke Home fulfills all your music needs, no matter how you want to access your favourite tracks.
As a smart radio, the Evoke Home combines analogue radio (FM), digital radio (DAB) and Internet connectivity for a more robust and reliable listening experience.
With a choice of over 85,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world, plus access to national and regional programming via DAB+/FM, every ear will find its favourite sound.

A music system for life

Bluetooth and Spotify Connect ensure you can enjoy the latest releases via streaming services from your Evoke Home. For those special memories and musical highlights from your CD collection, Evoke Home lets you enjoy them in powerful, modern stereo sound.

Ultimate ease

The foldable colour display doesn't only save space and make the music system look even slimmer, it also makes it easy to fold out distracting lights.
Complex functions such as alarm clock, timer or change of audio source are accommodated in the foldable display. Everyday functions are easily accessible on the surface of the Evoke Home.
The illuminated volume control provides additional visual feedback even when the display is closed. Using the UNDOK app, your music system can be controlled from your Smartphone. UNDOK is available in the AppStore or Google Play Store. This makes operation intuitive and easy for everyone in the household.

Powerful sound in state-of-the-art form

With a powerful 100W audio output, the Evoke Home is sure to impress in any home. With two 20mm soft dome tweeters and two 3.5 inch woofers, the stereo sound with high clarity and deep bass reaches even the most remote corner.

A music system for life

Information, entertainment and a variety of music sources have been beautifully packaged into an all-in-one music system. Whether it's your favourite radio show at breakfast, a Spotify playlist at work or your beloved CD in the evening, the Evoke Home delivers a sizable buffet of audio sources for every music lover. Selecting the right source for every situation and memory and is easy with the help of the flip-up display.

Tastes are different, radio stations too

The Evoke Home is not only very smart in its format, but also a smart radio. As such, the Evoke Home is ready for any reception quality, combining traditional analogue radio (FM), digital radio (DAB) and Internet connectivity for an even more reliable and robust listening experience. A smart radio offers more options, more robust radio reception, on-demand audio streaming of podcasts and the ability to easily make sure the device stays up to date with updates. In the unlikely case of poor FM/DAB+ signals, the Evoke Home is prepared with over 85,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world via through Internet connection.

Turn up the music

As a modern music system for the whole family, the Evoke Home also offers Spotify Connect, which can be selected as an audio source directly on the unit. Simply connect your phone, laptop or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as the Evoke Spot, click on a song in the app, select the Spot as an available device and start listening.

Listen to what you want, when you want

Even if you want to use a streaming service other than Spotify Connect, the Evoke Home has you covered. Simply select Bluetooth as the audio source to play your favourite content directly from other streaming sources.

CDs are forever

For musical moments and memories that are not yet available via streaming, the Evoke Home offers a way to enjoy them in powerful stereo and modern sound. Equipped with an easy-to-use CD drive, the Evoke Home brings albums and singles that were preferably only released on CD between 1983 and 2003 back into the private limelight. Whether it's beloved out-of-print albums that are not available on Spotify or the mix CD for an anniversary - a CD is forever.

Easy to use for everyone

Switching to the next song or even saving a new favourite station works effortlessly with a flick of the wrist thanks to clear operability. The most important daily routines have been placed clearly and immediately visible on the surface of the Evoke Home. Thanks to an integrated remote control, the music system can also be easily controlled from the couch or the dining table.

The foldable display on the unit not only provides a modern look, but also hides advanced menu settings. For special occasions such as selecting audio sources, Bluetooth setup or equaliser settings, simply flip up the screen and discover the intuitive control panel.

Delivers the sound that inspires

With a powerful 100W audio output, the Evoke Home is sure to impress. Two 20mm soft dome tweeters and two 3.5 inch woofers deliver high clarity and deep bass whether you're listening via Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, Internet radio, DAB+, FM or CD.

Designed for every living space

The Evoke Home Special Edition packages modern sound into modern form with great attention to detail. From the unobtrusive shape, thanks to the foldable display, to details such as the illuminated volume control providing feedback when the display is closed - the all-in-one music system fits seamlessly into any interior. 

The Evoke Special Edition is covered on the front with a warm cherry wood speaker grill that delivers a warmer sound. In Coffee Black with cherry wood speaker grill - a warm brown shade that adds a casual atmosphere to your home with the comfort of a warm cup of coffee in the morning.

What's in the box

  • Evoke Home
  • 1.8m EU/UK Power Cable
  • Remote control
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety sheet
  • Feedback flyer 
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:108WI
Product weight:3.9 kilograms
Energy Management
Supplied power cable length: 1.8m
Radio Features
Alarms: 2
Snooze: Yes
Automatic station search: Yes
Colour display: Yes
Dimmable display: No
Power: Mains Powered
CD player: Yes
Sleep timer: No
Smart radio: Yes
Display size: 2.8"
Radio Reception
Reception type FM
Internet Radio
Presets: 10 DAB+
10 FM
40 Internet Radio / Podcast
Radio frequency (DAB/DAB+) 174-240MHz
Radio frequency (FM) 87.5-108MHz
Speaker specifications
Acoustic principle: 2-Way System
Tweeter diameter: 20mm
Woofer diameter: 90mm
Power handling (cont/peak): 100W
Control Methods
Controls: On Device
App Controlled
Remote Control
Dimensions and Weight
Product height: 18.4cm
Product width: 36.8cm
Product length: 10.7cm
Product weight: 3.9kg
Packsize height: 23.5cm
Packsize width: 17.2cm
Packsize length: 49cm


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