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When it comes to radio reception, FM is a given. At Pure, we are all about digital radio, digital connectivity and digital quality. DAB+ offers more stations, more freedom of listening and more stability. For traditionalists, FM is still included of course.

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DAB/DAB+ Radios

Evoke Home Special Edition EU/UK


Evoke Home Special Edition EU/UK

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The all-in-one DAB+ radio with Internet and Bluetooth

Elan Connect

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The stereo DAB+ radio with internet and Bluetooth

Elan Connect+

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The highly portable compact DAB+ radio with Bluetooth

Elan DAB+

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Go digital

Digital radios gives you access to loads more stations compared with FM transmissions, meaning you can enjoy listening to more of the things you love whether it be for music, sport, news or chat. You'll find that all our digital radios also include FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital and are Digital Tick approved so you can rest assured that you’re ready for any future FM to digital radio switchover.

The future of radio is here

Since DAB+ radio doesn't rely on a working analog signal, you have a lot more stability when it comes to connection. There are only so many radio waves FM can logistially occupy, whereas DAB+ has no limits. This means fewer interruptions and distortions when listening to radio content. As an additional bonus, digital sound is much clearer and has an overall better quality. To complete the transition into the radio world of tomorrow, our digital smart radios offer access to voice assistance integrations like Alexa for more flexible control.