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Evoke Play versatile music system in Cotton White


This versatile sound miracle plays a wide range of audio content for any occasion. As a portable companion for indoors and outdoors, the music system delivers your favourite content from Spotify Connect, international radio stations, DAB+, Bluetooth or FM in rich stereo sound.

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All that is radio, rethought.

The choice of music sources is as varied as your tastes in music. The Evoke Play fulfills all your music needs, no matter how you want to access your favourite tracks.
As a smart radio, the Evoke Play combines analogue radio (FM), digital radio (DAB) and Internet connectivity for a more robust and reliable listening experience.
With a choice of over 85,000 internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world, plus access to national and regional programming via DAB+/FM, every ear will find its favourite sound.

A music system for life

Bluetooth and Spotify Connect ensure you can enjoy the latest releases via streaming services from your Evoke Play wherever you want. Using an optional ChargePAK with 12h battery life, this versatile companion can be at home anywhere. The comfortable shape, the pleasant weight and the practical carrying handle make the Play the ultimate companion at home.

The ultimate in ease

The foldable colour display doesn’t only save space or make this compact music system look even slimmer, it also makes it easy to fold out distracting lights.
Complex functions such as alarm clock, timer or changing the audio source are accommodated in the foldable display to save space. Everyday functions are easily accessible on the surface of the Evoke Play.
The illuminated volume control provides additional visual feedback even when the display is closed. This makes operation intuitive and easy for everyone in the household.

Powerful sound in state-of-the-art form

With a surprising 40W of audio power in a smart form factor, the Evoke Play plays at any occasion. From two 20mm soft dome tweeters and a 3.5 inch woofer, the versatile music system delivers favourite content in powerful stereo sound.

Sustainable and stylish

With a front made from eco-certified and recycled wool, each Evoke Play is unique. The wool fabric gives the music system a modern look while remaining virtually odourless in any environment.

A music system for life

Entertainment, information and the best the Internet has to offer in terms of audio sources packed into a versatile music system that can't be placed in (just) a single room. Whether it's podcasts at breakfast, your favourite radio station while doing housework/gardening or the Spotify playlist at family dinner, the Evoke Play serves every occasion. There's no limit to listenable audio and, thanks to the handle and optional battery, the Evoke Play is ready for any occasion.

Tastes are different, radio stations too

The Evoke Play is not only very smart in its format, but also a smart radio. As such, the Evoke Play is ready for any reception quality, combining traditional analogue radio (FM), digital radio (DAB) and Internet connectivity for an even more reliable and robust listening experience. A smart radio offers more options, more robust radio reception, on-demand audio streaming of podcasts and the ability to easily make sure the device stays up to date with updates. In the unlikely case of poor FM/DAB+ signals, the Evoke Play is prepared with over 85,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world via through Internet connection.

Turn up the music

As a modern music system for the whole family, the Evoke Play also offers Spotify Connect, which can be selected as an audio source directly on the unit. Simply connect your phone, laptop or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as the Evoke Play, click on a song in the app, select the Play as an available device and start listening.

Listen to what you want, when you want

For other streaming services such as Amazon Music, Tidal, Apple Music or Deezer, the Evoke Play offers Bluetooth access to your favourite content.

Anywhere (in) the home

With an optional ChargePAK, the Evoke Play is not limited by space. Whether it's a barbecue on the terrace or listening to a podcast in the privacy of your own room, with 12 hours of battery life, the Evoke Play can be at home anywhere. The comfortable shape, the pleasant weight and the practical carrying handle make the Play the ultimate companion at home and elsewhere.

Easy to use for everyone

Switching to the next song or even saving a new favourite station is a snap thanks to the clear control panel. The most important daily routines have been placed clearly and immediately visible on the surface of the Evoke Play. The foldable display not only provides a modern look on the device and makes it easier to carry from location to location, but also hides more advanced menu settings. For special occasions such as selecting audio sources, Bluetooth setup or equaliser settings, simply flip up the screen and discover the LCD screen including intuitive control panel.

Delivering sound that inspires

With an impressive 40W of audio power, the Evoke Play offers the right ambiance for any occasion. Two 20mm soft dome tweeters and a 3.5 inch woofer deliver convincing stereo sound even in a smart size, whether via Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, Internet radio, DAB+ or FM.

Designed for every living space

Modern sound in such a compact form has never been seen before. The music system fits seamlessly onto a bookshelf, a kitchen corner or a dresser in the hallway. Easily placed sound for any home without the need for much measuring and pondering. Because the Evoke Play has a place in every home. The front of the music system, which is covered with a high-quality wool fabric made of 90% eco-certified and recycled wool, provides additional homely accents. Similar to a smart, small piece of furniture, the Evoke Play complements the room with two subtle colours:

Coffee Black - a warm but dark shade that adds a casual atmosphere to your home with the comfort of a warm cup of coffee in the morning.

Cotton White - an off-white, which sets a clean accent with the lightness of fresh linen.

What's in the box

  • Evoke Play
  • EU/UK power supply
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety sheet
  • Feedback flyer 
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:00-12120-00
Product weight:2.1 kilograms


    Compact and light but multi-faceted and powerful music system

    Evoke Spot

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