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Alarm Clock

Wake up recharged with rock music or snooze to your favourite radio show. Our alarm clock radios make waking up more fun. Enjoy impressive sound quality alongside wireless charging, Bluetooth connectivity and a display dimming option. Are you ready for your perfect roommate to move in? 

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Siesta Rise, UK


Siesta Rise, UK

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Your bedside companion

Start your day with your favourite tunes. Here at Pure, we know how important a good morning routine is. Our bedside radios are more than just an alarm clock; they're roommates.

One plug only? No problem!

Most of our alarm clock radios feature charging options so your phone is as ready to go in the morning as you. The Siesta Charge, for instance, is an alarm clock with a wireless charging pad. No more nightly struggles trying to connect your phone to the charger in the dark.

Impressive audio quality

Personalise your morning with our adjustable alarm clock radios. All our compact bedside radios deliver an incredible sound. The Siesta S6 comes with a 2.5” full range speaker powered by a digital amplifier and allows you to customise the bass and treble with the built-in EQ for an optimal listening experience.

How about a nap?

The Siesta button will become your best friend. The integrated sleep timer enables you to take a quick nap without going through the alarm setup process. This bedside clock radio is perfect for people with a busy life or students with big schedule gaps.

Then there was light

Some of our bedside alarms come with a large, ultra-clear, auto-dimming CrystalVue+ display. You can check the time even in the darkest of environments from anywhere in the room thanks to the wide viewing angle. The clock automatically dims to match the surrounding light, preventing it from disturbing your sleep until it's wake-up-time.