Evoke D4 with Bluetooth (Maple)

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Evoke D4 with Bluetooth (Maple)

Portables DAB-Digital- und UKW-Radio mit Bluetooth

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Ein portables DAB-Digital- und UKW-Radio mit Bluetooth-Funktion. Das Evoke D4 mit Bluetooth ist in einem eleganten Domino-Schwarz oder Glacier-Weiß im Echtholz-Gehäuse erhältlich, ist einfach zu bedienen und klingt fantastisch.
This product is no longer available.
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  • Bluetooth


    Spiele drahtlos Musik von deinem Smartphone ab

  • Up to 50 hours of battery life

    Wiederaufladbarer Akku

    Bis zu 50 Std kontinuierliche Wiedergabe mit dem optionalen wiederaufladbaren ChargePAK F1

  • Fernbedienung


    Bedienung von überall im Raum

  • SnoozeHandle


    Die Schlummerfunktion wird durch eine einzige Berührung aktiviert

  • Station Presets (30)

    30 Senderspeicherplätze

    Wählen Sie bis zu 30 Sender Ihrer Wahl aus

  • Weckfunktionen


    Wachen Sie mit Ihrem Lieblingsradiosender oder Weckton auf

  • Küchen-Timer


    Definieren Sie Countdown-Timer, der am Ende einen Alarm auslösen

  • Sleep-Timer


    Setzen Sie Ihr Radio in den Standby nach einer festgelegten Zeitspanne

Vollständige Beschreibung

If you’re looking for a great digital radio or a portable Bluetooth speaker, Evoke D4 with Bluetooth gives you the best of both worlds. This latest version of our iconic portable DAB digital and FM radio now comes with Bluetooth for wireless streaming direct from your mobile or tablet. While simple controls and a sleek domino black, glacier white, real oak or maple wood finish provide a stunning new look.

Your music, no wires

Built-in Bluetooth turns your radio into a great wireless speaker – just choose your favourite music and stream it direct from your phone or tablet without trailing wires.

Looks good, sounds great

The stylish good looks aren’t just for show – the wood casing gives a depth and solidity that combines perfectly with its tuned speaker and digital amplifier to deliver class-leading audio. Optimized audio profiles ensure your favourite radio show or Bluetooth music sound beautiful too.

Switch on to digital radio

DAB digital radio brings you high-detail, digital-quality sound, lots of stations (many exclusive to digital) and scrolling text displaying track titles, programme info and more. Digital radios automatically find all your available stations and let you select them by name, and there’s also FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital.

Even more feature-packed

Evoke D4 with Bluetooth also includes a remote control, 30 presets (with four quick access buttons), kitchen and sleep timers, tone or radio alarm with touch sensitive SnoozeHandle for effortless snoozing. There’s a stereo headphone socket and aux-in for your iPod or MP3 player and the option of using a Pure ChargePAK F1 rechargeable battery pack for portable listening.

Technische Daten

  • Radio:

    Digital and FM radio

  • Frequencies:

    DAB/DAB+/DMB-R/Parametric stereo decode up to 256 kbps, FM radio 87.5-108 MHz

  • Bluetooth:

    Built-in Bluetooth with A2DP support

  • Speaker:

    Full-range 3" drive unit

  • Input connectors:

    9V DC power adapter socket (230V supplied). 3.5mm stereo Aux In for auxiliary devices. USB connection (mini-B type) for product upgrades

  • Output connectors:

    3.5mm stereo headphone

  • Presets:

    15 digital radio and 15 FM radio presets

  • Display:

    High contrast white graphical 128 x 22 pixel OLED display

  • Remote control:

    Infrared remote control. Button cell battery included

  • Mains power adapter:

    Input: 110-230V AC, 50/60Hz. Output: 9V DC, 1.5A

  • Battery power:

    ChargePAK F1 rechargeable battery pack (available separately)

  • Networked Standby mode activated:

    Automatic after no Bluetooth detected

  • Power Consumption (Networked Standby mode):


  • Wireless Network(s) On/Off switch:

    Only single Bluetooth wireless network connection and the network connection is always activated

  • Standby And/Or Off mode activated:

    Standby mode via short press on Power button

  • Dimensions (mm):

    217 wide x 180 high x 115 deep

  • Aerial:

    Captive telescopic aerial

  • Warranty:

    Comprehensive three* year warranty

    * Products purchased before 09/05/2014 have a comprehensive two year warranty

  • Approvals:

    CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (2004/108 EC and 2006/95/EC). ETSI EN 300 401 compliant. Australian C-Tick N1600 and Electrical Safety.



  • Evoke D4 with Bluetooth
  • Power adapter
  • User guide

Bewertungen und Auszeichnungen


This is a well-designed Bluetooth radio with good sound and build quality.


Simple to use and set up; Bluetooth streaming, good build quality.



What Hi-Fi? - 4 Stars

August 2014

Fragen und Antworten

Fragen und Antworten

  • Is this radio future ready?

     Yes, Pure were one of the first manufacturers to be certified with the Digital Tick. It's the  industry standard mark that lets you be certain your radio is ready for any future digital switchover.