Digital Radio CD Players

Combining the superb audio quality of CDs and choices of digital radio with the iconic Evoke C series.

More than just a radio

With multiple ways to listen to your favourite music, the iconic C series is more than just a radio. Our all-in-one music systems combine digital radio, CD player and easy wireless connection to portable devices, giving you a huge choice of listening.

The space saving design and beautiful wood finish make for a perfect fit in any home, as well as delivering the best of British sound.

Slot loading CD Player

There's something special about owning physical copies of your favourite albums. Enjoy your all-time favourites with the stylish slot loading CD player with shuffle and repeat options. Compatible with CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs.

The superb quality of a CD is something that cannot be replicated by audio streaming. The C series brings the best of this to a digital radio, creating the ultimate sound package for any music lover.

Music streaming

A great sounding radio is only part of the story. Use your Evoke as a fantastic sounding Bluetooth speaker and listen to your favourite music collection wirelessly. Simply connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your Evoke and stream music to your heart’s content.

Not only Bluetooth, but Spotify Connect is also available with our Evoke C-F6, giving you more out of your music experience. Spotify Connect delivers better audio streaming by setting up a connection directly from your Wi-Fi. This also means no dropped streams or interruption in playback if someone calls your phone.

A world of music

Discover new favourites from more than 25,000 internet radio stations from around the world with the Evoke C-F6. With different countries, languages and genres, there's a station for every person.

Internet radios bring a more secure connection to your listening, delivering high quality audio from all around the world right to your doorstep. Place your radio anywhere in your home without fear of interference or loss of quality.

Pure Select

Sit back, relax and enjoy your music from the comfort of your armchair with the Pure Select app. Turn your phone or tablet into a smart remote and control your music however you want. Available with the Evoke C-F6.

Available for free download on iOS and Android

Stereo sound

Bringing the latest in advanced audio technology, experience the best of British sound with the Evoke C series. Fill your room with the sound of your favourite music with high fidelity stereo speakers, finely-tuned by our audio experts in the UK.

Designed with you in mind, the stereo speakers are suitable for any music taste or genre. Available with the Evoke C-D6 and C-F6.