Siesta Charge (Graphite)

AU $349.99

Siesta Charge (Graphite)

Alarm clock radio with wireless phone charging and Bluetooth

AU $349.99 SRP

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Wake up recharged, Siesta Charge combines all the great features of the Siesta range, with the added convenience of a wireless charging pad. Boasting superb stereo sound and wireless Bluetooth music streaming as standard, you can listen to all your favourite DAB+ radio stations as well as whatever you enjoy listening to, from any app, via Bluetooth.


  • DAB and DAB+ Icon

    DAB, DAB+ & FM Radio

    Listen to your favourite DAB, DAB+ and FM stations

  • Wireless Charging

    Wireless Charging

    Place your Qi compatible smart phone on the charging pad to charge

  • Bluetooth


    Play any music wirelessly from your smartphone

  • Alarms


    Wake up to your favourite radio station or a tone alarm

  • USB Powerport

    USB Powerport

    Simple bedside mobile phone charging

  • Auto-dimming Display

    CrystalVueâ„¢ Display

    Auto-dimming display that won't keep you awake at night

  • Station Presets (40)

    40 Station Presets

    Quickly select up to 40 DAB/FM stations of your choice

  • Sleep Timer

    Sleep Timer

    Put your radio into standby after a set time period

  • Kitchen Timer

    Kitchen Timer

    Set a countdown timer that ends with an alarm

  • Plug in your headphones to enjoy private listening

    Headphones Out

    Plug in your headphones to enjoy private listening

Full Description

The ultimate bedside companion

Siesta Charge is packed to the brim with useful and great features for all your music listening and sleeping routine needs. Simply place your smart phone on top of Siesta Charge to charge your phone*, without needing to plug it in. The ultra-clear CrystalVue+ display makes for easy reading from anywhere in the room and the clever auto-dimming features ensures an undisturbed sleep. With great stereo sound combined with Bluetooth you can listen to all your favourite DAB+ stations and personal playlists in great audio quality. Siesta Charge’s 3 individual alarms, can be set in a variety of ways, including a choice of waking to a station or a tone alarm, as well as setting separate alarms for weekdays and the weekend. With extra features such as sleep and kitchen timers, 40 station presets and an extra USB powerport for other smart devices, Siesta Charge makes for the ultimate bedside companion.

Wake up recharged

Siesta Charge includes a handy wireless charging pad which is quick and simple to use. Simply place your smart phone on the charging pad* to charge it, without the need to plug your phone in. Need to charge more than one smart device? Simply plug in using the spare USB powerport and charge both simultaneously.

Clear and easy viewing

Crafted with real attention to detail, Siesta Charge also boasts a stunning, CrystalVue+ display. Easy to read from anywhere in the bedroom, the ultra-clear screen automatically dims to match surrounding lighting for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Packed with features

With Bluetooth as standard, Siesta Charge allows you to listen to all your favourite music and podcasts in great stereo sound via any device around the bedroom. Siesta Charge also includes many useful features such as 3 seperate alarms (which can be set for weekdays, weekends and more), sleep and kitchen timers and 40 station presets with 3 quick access buttons.

Switch on to digital radio

DAB digital radio brings you high-detail digital-quality sound, lots of stations (many exclusive to digital) and uses scrolling text to show you track titles, programme names and more. Digital radios automatically find all your available stations and let you select them by name, and all our digital radios also include FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital. Siesta Rise is also Digital Tick approved so you can rest assured that you’re ready for any future FM to digital radio switchover.


*requires Qi enabled smart phone


  • Radio:

    Digital (DAB/DAB+) and FM radio

  • Bluetooth:

    • Bluetooth v3.0
    • Frequency range: 2402 < 2480 MHz
    • Maximum power : 4.40 dBm (EIRP)

  • Dimensions:

    145mm (W) x 155mm (D) x 80mm (H)

  • Display:

    CrystalVue+ LCD auto-dimming display

  • Audio output:

    4W RMS output

  • Weight:


  • Presets:

    20 digital/20 FM presets

  • Output connecters:

    USB-A (1A) socket for charging phone or tablet, 3.5mm headphone socket

  • Wireless phone charging:

    Qi compatible wireless smartphone charging pad

What's in the box

Box contents:

  • Siesta Charge
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick start guide



  • Is this radio future ready?

     Yes, Pure were one of the first manufacturers to be certified with the Digital Tick. It's the industry  standard mark that lets you be certain your radio is ready for any future digital switchover.

  • What smart phone can I use wireless charging with?

    Any smart phone that is Qi enabled.

    Check whether your phone is Qi enabled here: