DAB+ Explained

What is DAB+?

DAB+ is an upgrade of the current DAB system, the main advantage being that it is three times as efficient meaning that it can carry far more stations and at a far higher audio quality than on DAB.

Other benefits include transmission costs being far lower; less spectrum being required; reception quality is far more robust; and DAB+ is a much greener technology because the overall transmission power required is far lower.

DAB+ is also the current standard across much of Europe so if you are to travel, the radio travels with you.

How do I get access to DAB+ stations?

Firstly make sure you have a radio that is capable of getting DAB+. You can view our latest DAB+ digital radios or if you have an existing Pure digital radio check our list of DAB+ compatible radios to see whether it is DAB+ ready or has an upgrade available.

Retune your radio!

If you know you have a DAB+ compatible digital radio, you may need to retune your radio to find the new stations. Typically this can be done by either pressing a re-tune or auto-tune button or by going in to the menu and selecting scan, re-tune or auto-tune.

One you have re-tuned, if you can see Mellow Magic or Virgin Radio on your set, but can't find Jazz FM, Fun Kids or Magic Chilled your radio may not be yet DAB+ compatible.

More advice on re-tuning can be found at http://www.getdigitalradio.com/retune