'Electro everywhere I go!'

How will you Jongo?

Whatever you love to listen to, with Jongo, you can fill your entire home - and garden - with your favourite sounds at the touch of a button. And you’ll enjoy the same incredibly detailed, bass-rich, premium-quality sound, whether you’re playing one Jongo speaker in your apartment or partying with a dozen at your mansion!


Easy to use

Pure Connect app + speaker/s = Jongo

(There are no complicated ‘bridges’ or extras with Jongo, unlike some systems.)

Buy any speaker and you should be listening within minutes of opening the box. Simply connect your speaker to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, download the free Pure Connect app and you’re ready to Jongo!

Easy to choose

Easy to choose Jongo T6: Largest, most powerful option Jongo T4: Medium-size with extra power and volume Jongo S3: Big sound you can move around Jongo T2: Compact all-rounder that packs a punch Jongo A2 Adaptor: Gives your old hi-fi a new lease of Wi-Fi life
  • Control speakers individually from the free Pure Connect app to create the perfect mood.
  • Fill your entire home with a single soundtrack, or listen to different things in different rooms.
  • Add a clever Jongo adaptor to convert your existing hifi speakers to Wi-Fi.
  • Stay sleek and discreet or colour co-ordinate to match your décor.

Easy to enjoy

The free Pure Connect app runs Jongo, transforming your phone or tablet into the ultimate audio remote control.

Available on the App store Get it on Google Play

Simply tap the Pure Connect app to:

  • Play all the tracks stored in your device
  • Play over 20,000 radio stations and over 200,000 on-demand podcasts and programmes.

Plus – subscribe to our Blue or Violet on-demand music subscription service to enjoy:

  • Unlimited streaming of all the music you could ever want!
  • Over 15 million tracks and albums from almost every artist, in every genre.
  • Free for the first month.

Expand and Express

Simply add more speakers and choose your colors to build your perfect system.


Jongo T2

Compact, versatile speaker


Jongo T4

Medium-size with extra power & volume


Jongo T6

Powerful room-filler


Jongo S3

Versatile, portable 360° speaker


Jongo A2

Hi-fi adapter