Bluetooth Caskeid

Intro to Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard enabling exchange of data over short distances (typically up to around 10 metres (30ft). Built into many products including the majority of mobile phones, tablets and laptops, Bluetooth technology allows you to share voice, data, music, photos, videos and other information wirelessly between two paired devices.

Pairing devices is easy, and once paired devices can be set to automatically reconnect when they next come into range. Bluetooth’s main advantage over the other common wireless standard Wi-Fi, is that it doesn’t need to connect to a hub or hotspot so is ideal for quick connections between mobile devices. 

Bluetooth in Pure products

With music increasingly being delivered digitally and stored or accessed from mobile devices, Bluetooth provides an easy way of sharing that content wirelessly with audio products and speakers.

We’ve built Bluetooth into many of our latest products making it easy to stream music from your mobile or tablet and hear it through the product’s speakers.

We’ve also included Bluetooth as standard alongside Wi-Fi in every Jongo product enabling easy streaming from any device with Bluetooth, and any app or music streaming service.

Bluetooth Caskeid

Bluetooth Caskeid is a unique extension to the Caskeid technology developed by our parent company Imagination Technologies.

Caskeid is used in our Jongo products to provide unrivalled audio synchronization between multiple speakers and other devices. Bluetooth Caskeid lets you stream music from any device via A2DP Bluetooth, using any music app or music streaming service (e.g. Pandora, Rdio, Deezer or Spotify etc.) and then send it perfectly synchronized to multiple speakers all around your house.

Bluetooth Caskeid is simple to setup and use, just connect your Jongo speakers to your Wi-Fi network, choose your music or radio and send it via Bluetooth to any Jongo speaker. That Jongo speaker then shares that music across your Wi-Fi network with perfect synchronization to any other connected Jongo speakers.