Highway External Aerial
Magnetic Aerial

Choose this magnetic aerial if you prefer a roof-mounted option to the standard Highway aerial. Recommended for use in areas with marginal digital radio reception.

RadioToday"When we first heard about an external aerial for the Pure Highway, we were dead excited. Why? Because we'd tried an in-car DAB receiver before, with a mounted external aerial installed. The result was rock-solid reception, even in fringe areas. The theory behind it is simple: you get 360° unobstructed reception from the network of DAB transmitters.

So we couldn't wait to test this add-on for the Highway: it was potentially a great investment if it meant the end of bubbling and screeching in areas of relatively low signal strength.

The installation of the aerial was pretty much a doddle. The aerial slipped through to the outside of the car via the passenger door. The aerial itself was mounted with the help of a strong magnet, which clutched firmly onto the roof of the car. The passenger door was then slammed shut without a problem.

Let's now discuss the performance in our tests. One word: Wow! Indeed, the robustness of the signal that we'd anticipated proved not to be a disappointment. Areas where we'd normally found the window sticker-mount aerial to struggle to pull in a good enough quality signal, we'd get at least 50% signal strength. To summarise, we'd gained an impressive improvement."

Highway External Aerial