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Back for a second year by extremely popular demand, BBC Music Jazz is all set to hit the digital airwaves for over four days of excellent music, opinions and interviews. To commemorate, we’ve taken a trip through the genre’s rich history and picked out five of the very best tracks. 

We've reached the end! That's right, reunion week has come to an emotional conclusion. But before you despair, why not remind yourself of two British heavyweight bands who we'd love to see reunite. While these groups may be incredibly different, both had a remarkable impact on the history of UK music

Remember that lump in your throat upon hearing your favourite ever band had decided to call it a day? Yes? Well so do we. Whether it's Oasis, The Beatles or even The Spice Girls, everyone's experienced it. This is why we're getting a little nostalgic - devoting a week to the iconic groups we're pining to see reunite. 

Whether it's during times of unrest, turmoil or revolution, musical luminaries have always provided a soundtrack to reflect the political landscape of that era. After a hectic couple of weeks in the world of British politics, we present to you the best politically charged songs of all time.