March 2015

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2015’s National Film Awards take place in London tonight with high-profile films, actors and actresses all up for nomination.  Sadly, there’s no soundtrack award, so we decided to pay homage to the shortlisted films’ great music scores with our top five soundtracks from the shortlisted movies.

According to recent figures, today’s generation of young music fans are moving away from downloads in favour of streaming; figures compiled by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) shows music streaming services grew by 65% in 2014, while revenue from music downloads in the UK declined by 15%. It’s clear that the internet has had a noticeable impact on our lifestyle and, in particular, how we listen to music. As music records have evolved over the years, from vinyl, to CD, to MP3, what impact has this had on audio quality? And, perhaps more pertinent, does it really matter?