What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is Apple's standard for streaming high quality music and other media over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. You can use it to stream your music from an AirPlay-compatible Apple device or iTunes on your computer to an AirPlay-compatible Pure product connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Airplay enables two way synchronization – change the volume on one device and the changes will be mirrored on the other.

If you have the iOS Pure Connect app you can also use AirPlay to stream all the Pure Connect content to your AirPlay-compatible Pure product. If you use iTunes, AirPlay can also stream to multiple systems in multiple rooms.

Contour 200i Air

Contour 200i Air is a compact, powerful digital music system and our first product featuring AirPlay.

Once an AirPlay connection is set up, using AirPlay is really easy, you simply select what you want to listen to on your Apple device and you'll hear it on your Contour 200i Air

Featuring a dock for your iPod, iPhone or iPad, Contour 200i Air also includes a digital output, remote control and input for other audio sources.

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